The Brain Injury Guide & Resources site is a tool for those seeking to cope with and understand Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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TBI Basics (Anatomical Head Graphic)

TBI Basics

Learn about how the brain works, and about possible changes in cognitive, physical and emotional functioning following TBI.

Treatment for TBI (Doctor speaking with patient)


Find out about treatment options and the numerous health care providers who offer services for persons with TBI.

Specific Populations (Children playing on playground equipment)


Discover some differences in TBI-related issues in children, older persons, veterans, and persons living in rural communities.

Special Topics (Older man holding hand of woman)


Learn more about issues relevant to persons with TBI, including driving, employment, disability, and advocacy.

Quizzes (Children playing football)

CE Credits

After reviewing website content, take quizzes to demonstrate knowledge.

The Missouri Greenbook: Living with Brain Injury (Graphic of state of Missouri with people's faces inside)

The Missouri Greenbook: Living with Brain Injury

Download this PDF from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services