Medical Services

Physician at her desk speaking with a patientIntegrated care by professionals from many health care disciplines can improve the functioning of persons with TBI.


  • Physicians provide necessary medical care to persons with TBI immediately after the injury, in rehabilitation settings, and as a standard part of long-term following after TBI.
  • Physicians have a Doctorate in Medicine or Osteopathy (M.D. or D.O.).
  • There are several types of medical doctors who may be involved in caring for persons with TBI.
    • Psychiatrists specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation care and planning.
      • These physicians are often leaders of multi-disciplinary treatment teams in rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient clinics.
    • Neurologists specialize in treating disorders of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems.
    • Neurosurgeons specialize in surgical interventions to the brain and spinal cord.
      • These physicians are typically involved immediately after the injury, providing surgical intervention if needed to address bleeding and/or swelling of the brain.
    • Psychiatrists specialize in assessing and treating mental disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety).
      • These physicians may be called in to help address acute behavioral issues (e.g., agitation) in inpatient rehabilitation, and/or they may be involved in the long-term treatment of emotional difficulties following TBI.